It’s all about structure

Hi everyone,

I’m so sorry about the huge gap in posts. At the end of April we moved into the apartment and since then we’ve had no internet access of our own. I had set up an appointment for installation in April, but as with everything else in the house it wasn’t straightforward. The internet company had to open up the sidewalk to lay cables, needing permission from the town hall, blah blah blah! So, today we finally have internet at home! The first thing I did was put on the radio. Sigh, the relief!! I *love* the radio! BBC4, Newstalk, Nostalgie, La Premiere, Today fm it’s all good!

We’ve had a spell of good weather in the last few weeks, and when I’m not inside listening to the radio you will find me here in the garden. I’ll have to do a whole separate post on the garden. Every week it changes and reveals itself to us, slowly, slowly. I’m absolutely in love.


Anyway, enough excuses. So, in the meantime we did a lot of work! The house is now habitable but I won’t post all of that here. First up, the structure!

We started on the partition in the long room. This will eventually form a library wall, and creates a separate room which will be the master bedroom. One of our worker bees came up with the brilliant idea of taking a stained glass door out of the wall we were sealing and using that to form the main part of the partition wall. It was such a perfect idea, and seemed so obvious when we talked about it.

IMG_2199 IMG_2237
IMG_2248 IMG_2271

The room seemed really dark when the partition went up and I started to worry about the lack of light in the main room. Luckily, we had extra eyes on hand that weekend to reassure us that we made the right decision. My sister Maria and her fiance Adrian arrived and were all kitted out in work gear on arrival!

We got one chilly but glorious day over the weekend and decided to take down the out-of-control plants that were blocking our path in the garden. We managed to get all of it down and put a cable running electricity down to the bottom of the garden! Thanks guys!

IMG_2263 IMG_2255


The next day we went out to the salvage yard again (apparently it’s not salvation yard… sorry Adrian!) to pick up the tiles. Unfortunately, the weather turned for the worst and we got absolutely soaked. I couldn’t even take out my phone to take photos, it was really pouring down! But we got the tiles and they are gorgeous!!


We brought them home and the following weekend laid them out in a pattern to see what works and what doesn’t. They’re not all perfect but we have enough to make something special! We’ve decided to complete the room with poured concrete instead of more tiles. It’s another experiment cooked up in our wild imaginations, so we have our fingers crossed that it will actually work out! I’ll let you know! I’m hoping my Dad will help me lay the tiles when they come at the end of next month (thanks Dad!!).


When we got back the partition wall was in place and it worked out so much better than I had hoped! The bedroom is a good size for a main room and the living room still has enough space to make it a full size living room. You can see in the photos a weird size space between the middle arch and the new partition. We’re going to turn that into a small cosy evening nook – somewhere to watch movies, read a book under a lamp and maybe write a blog post! We’ve started to keep an eye out for furniture that will complete that space. A fold out bed couch and a cosy armchair for me. Let’s see what we can find.

IMG_2461 IMG_2293
IMG_2342 IMG_2360

So it works!! We still weren’t in at this point as we had a delay with the… well everything really! But we’re in now. The first night was so exciting and I took some incredible photos of the place at night. But that’s a story for another day…

a x


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