Keep the originals

I’ve said before that the apartment is in a house built in the 1920s/30s. We won’t have the exact year until we receive the deeds of the house and we’re currently waiting on them to go through the legal name change following our signing. The house was updated a number of times, but the reason we decided it was for us, was that the original features survived each renovation. They really are exquisite.


Look at this woman! Have you ever seen anything so majestic in your life?! Sitting side saddle in a full riding gown, with a hunting bird on your arm… Amazing… This is one of the images found in two different doorways. The imqges in the door between the main room and what will be the breakfast room is just as breathtaking.


Even the plain glass panes have angled edges, giving them an extra beauty.

long view front room

There are also some unusual images that I mentioned previously, and a number of cameo profiles of women. Some of these were hidden by previous renovations so we’re taking them out and giving them pride of place in the new house. In the above photo you can also see the high ceilings – they’re typical of Brussels houses but they can be tricky to heat. We love the feeling of openness and space so we’re going to counteract the height with extra tall radiators and soft furnishings. We will also insulate the floor and hope that our upstairs neighbour might one day do the same to his floor/our ceiling.


This is a very small feature, it almost goes unnoticed. Lots of the Belgian townhouses still have these old boot scrapers by the front doors. In some of the less attentive renovations they’ve been filled in, but ours is still there, sitting in beautiful Brussels’ granite.


Look at this beauty! It’s all one piece – a cast iron radiator with a built-in cupboard on top, lined with little metal shelves. We think it was probably for keeping dishes warm during dinner as the room in which it sits was the most likely dining room. It’s functional and beautiful. I’ll be keeping my socks in it during winter!


The house number is painted onto the front of the house, but not in regular paint. It looks almost burned on. I love the art deco numbering. It annouces the these of the house before we even step inside the front door! Just glorious!!

a x


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